Armadillo Walkway Repairs Inc.

Creating Safe, Attractive Saskatchewan Towns and Cities.  Economically.

Tripping hazards can be bad news for citizens.  Remove tripping hazards at a small fraction of the cost of replacement.

About Armadillo:

  • Our goal is to keep people safe and minimize our customer's lifetime ownership of their concrete assets.  We achieve this by:
  • Using best practice repair techniques. 
  • Using best in class quality materials independently tested by others (see below). 
  • Recommending and/or implementing preventative measures to reduce or eliminate future damage.
  • Proudly located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 2 year warranty.  We're not happy unless you are.
  • The only company in Saskatoon specializing in walkway repairs for municipalities and property managers.
  • $2,000,000 liability insurance, WCB registered, bonded and SECOR safety certified for your protection.
  • We pride ourselves at being of service to the mobility challenged by reducing trip hazards and extending accessible areas.
  • We help reduce society's impact on the environment by repairing rather than replacing defective concrete.
  • Our owner's profile can be viewed at Dennis Trumpy