Armadillo Walkway Repairs Inc.

Creating Safe, Attractive Saskatchewan Towns and Cities.  Economically.


Armadillo provides sidewalk assessments.  This detailed report will identify sidewalk flaws and suggested corrective action. 
Free Services Available to Saskatchewan Municipalities (just ask for them):
- SIC Sidewalk Program: Do it yourself sidewalk assessment kit.  Includes: detailed instructions, spreadsheets and support.
- Strategy Infographic: Explains how to quickly and easily identify priority sidewalk issues so you make the most impact from your budget.

Concrete Cutting - eliminate trip hazards

Uses diamond concrete blades remove trip hazards to create a gentle, smooth, attractive finish.

Concrete Filling - for sunken slabs

Eliminate trip hazards by filling with high quality, high strength, fast setting patching compound.

Crack Repair - Stop the damage

Cracks let water seep below the concrete creating freeze-thaw damage.  If not repaired, Saskatchewan's harsh climate soon turns the crack into an expensive tear-out and rebuild project.

Surface Repairs - Improved curb appeal

Patch damaged concrete with a high quality patching compounds.  Prevents further erosion and improves safety. .

Seal & Protect your investment

Saskatchewan concrete deteriorates quickly due to road or sidewalk salt combined with freeze & thaw actionPenetrating sealant is an economical way to extend the life of your concrete for many years