Armadillo Walkway Repairs Inc.

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Below are short "before" and "after" videos of a few projects.  They give a more complete perspective than a photo and include a running commentary on our work.

Trip hazard removal between a sidewalk and driveway:
Before                                                                         After

This church has a handicap parking area and a nice ramp for accessibility.  However they have a long, deep tripping hazard in between!  See how the problem was solved....
                              Before                                                                         After

A compound tripping hazard sidewalk repair.  The trip hazard is on the right side going one way and the left side going the other way.  Not anymore.
Before                                                                         After

Note that the contractor requested an uneven finish on the grind.  Normally we finish the grind with an attractive, straight finish.
Before                                                                       After

An especially deep sidewalk trip hazard that was solved by grinding.
Before                                                                      After